Join us for our 2024 State Convention! 

Please join us for our State Convention on Saturday, May 11, 2024, from 1:00-3:30 p.m. at the Richland Library, 1431 Assembly Street in Columbia.  We'll be discussing candidates for the 2024 elections and planning activities for 2024-2025.

To receive updates, please make sure your membership is current, using the membership link below.  If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

Also, nominations are now open for election to the State Steering Committee.  Nominations and confirmations (see below) must be received no later than April 27th (two weeks before the State Convention).  The terms of three Steering Committee members are expiring and one additional position is open.

Nominations may be emailed (to [email protected]) or mailed (to SCGP, P.O. Box 5341, Columbia, SC 29250).  In order to be eligible to be on the ballot, anyone nominated must certify by April 27th that they (a) are interested in being on the ballot, (b) are a member of the Party, and (c) do not occupy a leadership position in any other political party.  All nominees should also submit a brief personal statement for inclusion in the State Convention agenda packet.  After nominations are closed, the Steering Committee will provide a final list of nomine


Interested in Becoming a Green Party Candidate?

If you would like to run for office as a Green Party candidate, please contact us as soon as possible at [email protected].  Now is the time to begin planning, even if you don't feel sure about the ins and outs. We will help you through the process.  You'll need to recruit workers, raise money, and plan how you intend to run your campaign, but we will be sure your name is there in November.

All candidates must file with the Election Commission between March 16th and April 2nd.  Candidates must also fill out a SCGP candidate questionnaire and be nominated at our State Convention on May 11th.


2024 - A New Dawn in South Carolina

The political system may seem out of our control, but we believe in democracy. We believe in South Carolina and our future. Our state is filled with good, honest people of all sorts and in every place. It shows up whenever disaster strikes. It shows up when a neighbor takes someone to see a doctor. It's in our food banks, our volunteer organizations. It's there in you.

So, what is this "new dawn" about?

For almost twenty years the SCGP has run dozens of candidates across the state. We have elected two officials in our state. We have done flea markets, public meetings, social media, visits to welcoming houses of worship and more. All because we believe in a future of grassroots democracy, non-violence, ecological wisdom and social justice. These are the first four of our Ten Key Values.

Now we turn a page from reacting to what comes our way to planning well ahead and building teams able to accomplish shared goals. By preparing years ahead of coming elections we make success much more likely.

This does not mean we don't want you to run right now. We expect dozens of new volunteers and many will be ready to get out and campaign for you. Let us know now so we can start now to get you in office.

So, if you believe South Carolina has a bright future if the right policies and people are in place, join us. If you think our state has solid people, good natural resources and a sense of community, then join us. If you want to make South Carolina a state at the top of lists of accomplishments, join us. You can join us by just clicking here. The cost is $25 a year.


So, who runs this party?

We are small. That's just true. But we are a democratically run party where each member has an equal voice in decisions and any member can run for the steering committee.

The party members vote at our state convention on who will be on the steering committee. To run you need to let the steering committee know about a month before the convention so we can get out info to all the members.

The bottom line is that you can run this party just like anyone currently doing the job. If you want to serve on the steering committee, now is a great time to let us know.


ELECTION 2022 Shows Positive Gains for Greens in South Carolina

The South Carolina Green Party had five candidates on ballots across the state, including two state-wide races. We did darn well.

In a local race, Michael Stewart won re-election to his non-partisan seat on the Greenville County Soil & Water Conservation District. This is a non-partisan seat and Mike has consistently been winning.

We are proud of the effort our candidates put in to their campaigns and the Green Party will continue to find ways to support the people of South Carolina.


Join the South Carolina Green Party!

If you live in South Carolina, you can join the Green Party. We'll connect you to local groups, or help you set one up. It does take some effort, but nothing good just drops in our laps.

We are regular people who want a better environment here in South Carolina. We want better relations between people so we can live in peace with our neighbors. We want peace across the world and do what we can. We just want South Carolina to be it's best, and we know we can help. Government must do their jobs, but the politicians and big money keep getting in the way. The longer we wait for change, the harder it gets. Don’t vote for the lesser of two evils on election day. So, join us, and even if you don't, you can still Vote Green!

Your annual $25 membership supports independent green initiatives in South Carolina.  Memberships are renewable annually.  Once your membership is processed, we will be in touch.




If you prefer to pay by check, sent $25 to the South Carolina Green Party mailbox:

  • South Carolina Green Party, Attn: David Whiteman, Treasurer, P.O. Box 5341, Columbia SC 29250